Let's get to the point

Now more than ever, readers have limited time and patience with the many voices clamoring for their attention across all platforms. The challenge for me as a marketing professional is to be fresh enough to cut through the noise, while still meeting the broad messaging goals of the organization. That means hitting a note that's engaging, melodious, and (most of all) useful. 



I wrote the copy for this interactive web page, part of a program of the New Mexico Dept. of Transportation that aims to encourage adolescents to make smart choices about alcohol. The narrative allows readers to choose different endings to the story, for a total of 16 storylines. 

La Fonda newsletter

Since 2011 I have written the email newsletter for this Santa Fe hotel, sent to a mailing list of over 60,000 subscribers. The content includes a ghostwritten letter from the CEO and an events calendar that I compile.

Positive Links

I wrote the copy for this website for a nonprofit organization that educates the public on the link between animal cruelty and domestic violence. I also maintain the site.

Hassayampa Inn

I wrote all the copy for this website for an historic hotel.


I am often asked to write the bio section of a commercial website, the most difficult part for business owners to do themselves.

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Web design

Bosque Beast

I have no training in graphic design or web design, but I can easily create basic websites (including the one you are reading) using online tools. The website for my publication was created using Wix.

Tootsie's Vision

This is another website created using Wix, for an animal rescue group specializing in blind dogs.

Pihana Properties

This a website created on WordPress, for a rental company.

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