Born in Japan and bilingual until age 5, I fell for a Smith-Corona typewriter at age 12 and have been tinkering with the keys ever since, filling suitcases with essays, journal entries, and stories. I studied French literature at Bryn Mawr College and picked up Spanish and Portuguese on my travels, along with what used to be fluent French and perpetually flawed Japanese.

An editor, newspaper reporter, and freelance writer/editor since 1984, I am continually diverted by other passions including art (clay sculpture and fiber arts), international travel, outdoor sports, and animals—this last leading to the founding of a tabloid magazine around Albuquerque/ Santa Fe that tripled in circulation over its five-year run. I have also dabbled and published in the fields of cultural studies and food history. Since 2018 I have been semi-retired and working on personal writing projects while we traveled for 18 months and landed in Santa Rosa, California, which seems nice enough to stay ... for a while.